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Why TeleWellness (TW)?  TW is a form of Telehealth but with a holistic twist. I love the term TW because it’s about healing from the inside out. TeleWelleness in Westchester is preventative care through holistic medicine. It’s about making the body whole again with the use of whole food supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes.  It encompasses chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutrition, exercises, yoga, massage, wholefood supplements, meditation, mental health therapy, patient education and so much more.

What is TeleWellness?

TeleWellness is a method of providing holistic health care remotely via video chat or by phone.  TW is a convenient option for people who cannot go to the doctor’s office and those who prefer to stay home.

This makes it possible to access a wide range of care options such as one on one doctor’s appointments, nutritional consultation and coaching, home exercise programs, whole food supplement recommendation, labs and symptom survey reviews.

Benefits of TeleWellness in Westchester CA

  • Lower cost: Some research suggest that people who use TW spend less time at the doctor’s office. Also, less commuting time which saves on secondary expenses such gas and childcare.
  • Improve access to care: TW makes it easier for people with disabilities, older adults and people residing in different geographic locations.
  • Prevention care: TW makes it easier to access preventative care that can improve long and short term care.
  • Convenience: TW allows people to access care in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This may mean that a person does not have to take time off work or arrange childcare.
  • Slowing the spread of infection: Going to the doctor’s office means being around people who may be sick, often in close quarters.   This can be particularly dangerous for people with underlying conditions or weak immune systems.  This can be particularly dangerous for people with underlying conditions or with a weak immune system.

Remote care can mean the difference between prompt treatment rather than NO treatment at all. Call our team at Personal Touch Chiropractic in Westchester today!


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