Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been taking Standard Process Products for the last 4 months, having H-Pylori and acid reflex my symptoms have improved tremendously."

- Ella C.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Randi Patient TestimonialMiraculously Improved Where Itchiness Has Totally Subsided & I Am Calm. Namaste’

"My body ached with pain and discomfort every day. I also agonized with extreme itchiness profusely and constantly all over my body. It was seemingly hopeless because I went to several specialists, doctors, therapists etc. This had plagued me for years and I was at my wits end until I was introduced to Standard Process cell food for the body."

- Randi S.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Liza Patient TestimonialNasal/Sinus Congestion & Constant Drainage Due To Seasonal Allergies

"It’s managed and under control with plant based supplements prescribed by Dr. Sharon Pickford."

- Liza M.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Damien Patient TestimonialLigaplex (My New Best Friend)

"June 25th I was in a car accident and injured my right knee. My knee was achy, sore, sometimes I had sharp pains and it was hard for me to sleep at night! But, then I met Ligaplex. Taking two pills when I wake up and two pills before I went to sleep, had me on the fast track to recovery. Within a week I could feel the Ligaplex working in my body and easing the pain. One month later I was running and working out again with no soreness or pain!"

- Damian C.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Vanessa Patient Testimonial"Fall 2019 was quickly approaching and I was very concerned about my health. I could not have a repeat of the previous year, chronic cold and flu attacks, back to back. My symptoms were horrible. Because of the fatigue in my legs, walking from my bedroom to the living room felt like I ran a mile. Muscle cramps would make me jump out of my bed during the night. Lots of congestion in the head and chest. I had to have tissue by my bedside, in my purse and in my car because I was constantly blowing my nose and clearing my chest and throat. Horrible!!!!! I have always suffered from insomnia. I often wake up around 3 am and can not get back to sleep. A few days of this pattern in one week can be exhausting.

I am happy to report that Fall 2019 - Winter 2020, I caught one cold. The cold lasted about 5 days and I did not have any of the chronic symptoms, thank God and Dr. P. I have had a few muscle cramps during the night, but when I reported it, I was encouraged to increase one of my supplements, which made the cramps go away. The two boxes of tissue that I purchased in the fall are still on my bedside table. I had no congestion this season even when I caught the 1 cold, there was no congestion. I have been able to breathe clearly all year.
I now sleep more soundly throughout the night which helps me function better during the day and I am sure it has helped my overall health."

- Vanessa H.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Terri Patient Testimonial"Dr. Pickford, I want to thank you for your assistance, dedication, and commitment to improving my health issues. You've made the online experience seamless and very easy for my hectic schedule. I use the supplements as you prescribed and I am extremely happy to report my energy level has increased tremendously. My other health issues have diminished as well. I am sure my next round of testing will also show improvements. I am so grateful for you and your wonderful expertise in holistic health. Thank you so very much."

- Terri L.

Chiropractic Westchester CA Cheryl Patient Testimonial"I use STANDARD PROCESS products. The system analysis, blood test review, cardio workup, and muscle testing reviewed a lot of underlying health issues that had not been addressed in my other medical exams. I had been under a great deal of stress and had digestive and congestion issues. I felt I had them handled with my over the counter vitamin supplements, diet, and exercise.

After six months of using the food-based products, re-evaluating what I was eating and exercising, my symptoms have diminished. The significant changes in sleeping better, less stressed, more energy, minimal gastrointestinal and congestion issues are life-changing. I am a healthier teenage senior. I recommend to anyone seeking a stronger and healthier lifestyle to try this alternative food-based vitamin regime, STANDARD PROCESS."

- Cheryl F.


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